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I’d Like to Become a Christian


Click below to learn how we can come alongside you and answer any questions.

Church local missions and outreach, Calvary Fellowship in West Hartford, CT
I'd Like to Become a Christian

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Crystal Hall, Calvary Fellowship in West Hartford, CT
Somebody is waiting to connect with you and support you as you begin your spiritual journey. This journey isn’t meant to be a lonely one and we’d love to come alongside you! If you haven’t already, please take a moment to fill out connection card so we can reach out to you and help you get started on this journey.

Have you made the decision to give your life to Christ?
Let us be the first to say that this is the biggest and most life-changing decision you could ever make. God loves you unconditionally and wants to have a relationship with you. We are thrilled at the opportunity to walk alongside you as you take the next steps in your spiritual journey! We want to support you as you learn and dive into your new relationship with God. Please share as much information as you feel comfortable into the connection card above and someone will personally reach out to you.

In walking down this spiritual journey, it can be encouraging to develop your faith alongside a group of others who are also exploring what it means to follow Christ. At Calvary, we have groups called Home Fellowships that meet regularly and do just that. There are groups for different stages of life and times of the week. Click the link above to sign up!

Interested in Baptism?
Baptism is an important step in your faith journey and a command from Christ. Click this link to learn more about what it means to get baptized and how you can sign-up for our next baptism.


Welcome Package
We’d love to provide you with some resources to help as you begin this awesome journey. Please fill out the connection card above with your address and we’d be happy to mail you a bible and some additional information that might be helpful in your spiritual walk. We’d also like to send a personal note from our pastor and staff. Below are some digital resources that you can also access immediately.

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Online Bibles
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Regional & Global Outreach

We are privileged to be able to partner with Praying Pelican Missions and Grace Community Church in the village of Granbouchi, Haiti every year. Learn more about this trip and the global missionaries we partner with.

Church world missions and outreach, Calvary Fellowship in West Hartford, CT
Regional & Global Opportunities

The Word of God says that prayer changes hearts, fights spiritual battles and stirs up faith. Missionaries need our prayer support above all else and will often tell us how they value prayer in their daily struggles. Please consider supporting them through prayer and financial support as they fulfill the call God has placed on their lives.

Jennifer Hylton
Location: France
Ministry: church planting w/TEAM Contact: jennifer_hylton@hotmail.com

Paul and Marcia Cowley
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Ministry: Training and equipping Pastors
Contact: paul@disciplesupport.org

Location: Global

Converge Northeast
Location: Northeast United States
Ministry: A movement of churches and individuals who want to impact the Northeast together for the Gospel.
Contact: office@convergenortheast.org

Terra Nova
Location: North Adams, MA
Ministry: Church plant in North Adams, MA. Christ followers intent on discovering fresh ground together.
Contact: paul@terranovachurch.org